Colour ViBE Inspired

Revitalise between salon visits

When your fiery red mane fades to blah wash in some Radiant Red and set your look to HOT!

We all love it when we’ve got a new hair colour, but then it starts to fade after a few washes leaving your hair a dull shadow of what it once was. Use Colour Vibe to reinvigorate your colour, and boost your hair confidence. 

Maintaining a colour

Cool blondes and fashion colours are notoriously difficult to keep cool and bright. Substitute your normal shampoo for Colour Vibe every few washes and keep your colour dazzling and fresh.

Trying a new look

Always fancied trying pink? Well now you can try out the vibe you’ve always wanted, without the commitment. Colour Vibe toning shampoo washes in whilst you shower and washes out after 3 washes*, so you can find your true you.

Get Experimental

From Balayage, to ombre, to mermaid, to unicorn the gloves are off when it comes to dying your hair. 

However you use Colour Vibe this gentle conditioning shampoo toner allows you to lightly colour your hair as often as you like without damaging it. Colour Vibe lightly tones your hair in just 5 minutes. Leave on longer for a stronger tone. Washes out in up to 3 washes*

*Results may vary. Colour intensity and longevity will depend on the colour and condition of your hair before you apply Colour Vibe. The more damaged/treated the hair the more porous it becomes, meaning it will absorb more colour and retain the colour for longer.

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Q&A With The Expert | Silvers Application

Q&A With The Expert | Silvers Application

Celebrity hairdresser Dom Seeley shows you the best way to apply our Colour:Vibe Silvers range in the shade Pearly Silver, whilst doing a Q&A. 
Q&A With The Expert | Vibrance Application

Q&A With The Expert | Vibrance Application

Celebrity hairdresser Dom Seeley shows you just how easy it is to apply the Colour:Vibe Vibrance in Dusty Pink, whilst answering some of our FAQ's.