Pearly Silver is Perfect!

Pearly Silver is Perfect!

Over the years I have bought product after product trying to find the perfect silver colour for my hair, and I never found one that worked the way I wanted it to... until now! I have tried many other permanent colours for my now slightly greying hair, and none of them had the silver effect that I wanted, until I saw the Colour Vibe Silvers in Pearly Silver. I decided to give this colour a try, as I had only heard good things about the Colour Vibe brand in general.  

This product comes with easy to follow instructions, that explain how exactly to mix everything together and apply to your hair. It was so easy to use! I sat with the product on my hair for the 25 minutes recommended, and then washed it off. 

The first thing I noticed, after drying and styling my hair, was how shiny my hair looked and how soft it felt. And the colour... I couldn't tell you how perfect it was. The product "Pearly Silver" definitely didn't disappoint, as my hair looked exactly like what a pearl would look like if you turned it in the light. It had a gorgeous pearly shine to it that just catches the light beautifully. I was in love. I don't thing I've ever said that about a hair dye before, but I had fallen head over heels for the colour! 

All in all I got a stunning, permanent hair colour that didn't turn my hair a dull grey, for only £7.99. My search for the perfect silver colour is over and all I can say is - thank you Colour:Vibe!!! You have now got a, (very happy), customer for life! 

The Silvers Range are available here, at Boots: