My Experience with Colour:Vibe

As a celebrity hairdresser, I have tried a whole range of products over the years, and am always excited when I am given the opportunity to try new products and find new favourites. So when I got the chance to try out some of the Colour:Vibe products, I jumped at the chance. 

I tried out one product from each range for Colour:Vibe on three different models who all had pre-lightened hair. I used the Vibrance colour in 'Dusty Pink' on Isobel, the Silvers colour in 'Pearly Silver' on Nat and the Shampoo-In Colour in 'Ice Blonde' on Liv. 

I firstly used the Dusty Pink from the Colour:Vibe Vibrance range on Isobel's hair. Because her hair has different tones of blonde within it, the pink looks different shades when applied, to give a multi dimensional look. The hair product itself was really easy to work with and to comb through when applying, due to the marula oil and honey within the product. The colour took to Isobel's hair extremely well and once dried and styled, her hair looked beautifully shiny and felt extremely soft and healthy, which can sometimes be hard to find in products that don't break the bank. 

The second product I tried was the Pearly Silver from the Colour;Vibe Silvers range on Nat's hair. Nat wanted a silver colour on her hair, that didn't turn her hair grey, and this is exactly what we managed to achieve with Pearly Silver. Again, due to the Marla oil and honey in the formula, the product was so quick and easy to apply, and was easy to distribute throughout the hair. Once washed and styled, the product left a silver that looked pearlescent in the light. It left a gorgeous silver throughout Nat's hair that she and I were both thrilled about. 

The third and final product I was asked to try out was the Shampoo-In Colour in the shade Ice Blonde. I tried this on Liv's hair, who was already blonde and she has previously used this product just to lighten up her hair in between trips to the salon. I must say I was really impressed by how much brighter her hair looked with just leaving this product on wet hair for only five minutes and washing it off. I was amazed how much of a better condition her hair looked to be in. It was soft and shiny and the product had definitely lightened the brassy tones in Liv's hair. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the products I tried from Colour:Vibe. I was really impressed with the colour, how soft the hair was and how easy the colour was to apply. These products are all so affordable and easily accessible, you can't really go wrong! I would definitely recommend these products to my clients and to anyone who wants an impressive colour that nourishes and lasts in their hair. 

If you want to see the applications and Q&A videos I made in partnership with Colour:Vibe you can see them on their YouTube Channel:

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By Dom Seeley