Revitalise your hair

Revitalise between salon visits

If your cool blonde tresses are starting to go brassy apply Ice Blonde Colour Vibe in the shower to tone it back to your crowning glory.
Is your pastel pink starting to wash out? top it up with Pink Blush for a pop of pretty.
When your fiery red mane fades to blah wash in some Radiant Red and set your look to HOT!
Has your beautiful brown dwindled to dull? add a bit of warmth with Rich Chocolate Brown and revive those luxurious locks.
We all love it when we’ve got a new hair colour, you feel your confidence building the second you step out of the salon with your fabulous new look. But then it starts to fade after a few washes leaving your hair a dull shadow of what it once was. Use Colour Vibe to reinvigorate your colour, and boost your hair confidence.