• Amethyst


With the Colour:Vibe Silvers range of permanent hair dyes, you can easily achieve professional results at home.  Whether you want to enhance your natural colour or create trendy silver shades, Colour:Vibe Silvers has a professional formulation with Honey and Marula Oil that hydrates and nourishes hair.  Colour:Vibe Silvers can be used to add rich, deep and long lasting colour with up to 100% coverage.  Apply to bleached and previously coloured hair without risk of compromise.  Each shade gives a permanent colour result whilst conditioning the hair leaving it beautifully nourished and hydrated.   When Colour:Vibe Silvers Amethyst Shadow  is applied to light to medium blonde or highlighted hair, it will produce a cool iced lilac tone.  When applied to naturally grey hair (light), the results will produce a cool subtle lilac tone.  We do not advise applying Amethyst Shadow to dark grey or brown hair as this product contains no lightening agent.

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